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Ashlyn's helps dog owners enjoy the best in their dog doing things dogs and owners both like.

We offer home-based, one-on-one private dog training sessions directly in your home either personally or through online video or phone conference for added convenience.

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Two Pathways to Success


I Teach You To Train

Fun, convenient dog training sessions either in person or on demand via video conference in your home get you and your dog working together. If you enjoy working with your dog and have the time, coaching is great fun.

Day Training

I Train For You

Who has time to train? Your busy, we understand. We do your training homework for you then we meet to transfer the training results. Your dog is trained by a professional trainer. Results are faster.

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Why Hire a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainer

Dog training is an unregulated industry. Anyone can refer to themselves as a dog trainer. Hiring a KPA CTP assures your dog is trained by a professional who has elected to undertake the most rigorous training program available, committed to humane science-based training techniques.

Clicker Training with a Miniature Schnauzer

Meet the Trainer

Lynn is a Karen Pryor graduate, KPA-CDT and Certified training Partner, KPA-CTP. She began her career as a miniature schnauzer breeder and training puppies with emphasis on improving quality of puppy training and socialization skills and the need to educate owners and help puppies live better lives with their owners.

Briard Dog, Brixs long hair and a bow in his head to help him see


After three months of day training, Brix competed and successfully received 3 qualifiying scores gaining his Novice Rally and Obedience title.

Training Behaviours We Like

How Does it Work?


Schedule Initial Consultation

Discuss your concerns and goals. We will give you a personalized training package tailored specifically to achieve your goals.


Determine Training Package

Direct one-on-one coaching, training in your home, personally or virtually at your convenience. Training packages include transfer sessions to teach you how to maintain the newly taught behaviours.


Enjoy Your Life

Have a dog that is polite, well-behaved member of the family and your community.

Earn your Dog's Trick Title. New this year: The Canadian Kennel Club acknowledges trick titles.

Online Private Training Sessions are available.

Ready for Positive Change?

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Trick Stars

Rescue Hound-Intermediate Trick Dog Briard-Novice Trick Dog demonstrating Paws Up on an object Miniature Schnauzer-Trick Dog Champion African Grey Parrot-Novice Trick Bird, Learning to Balance a ring on his head Miniature Schnauzer-Novice Trick Dog Miniature Schnauzer-Novice Trick Dog Bengal-Cats Love to Train Rescue Hound-Novice Trick Dog showing a Hold with a toilet paper roll Rescue Vizzla-Novice Trick Dog, Posing for a picture with his handler and Trick Title